Welfare organization in Pakistan – Helping the Less Fortunate Survive


Our vulnerable community is in great need for good welfare organizations in Pakistan that could help the less fortunate stand back on their feet allowing them to make the best of their available resources. Developing countries such as Pakistan, India, China and Afghanistan are striving for the quality education and standard healthcare solutions. A large number of charity organizations are currently trying their level best to make living easy and convenient for the underprivileged community.

Non Profit Solution

What Solutions Are Charity Workers Providing 

Looking at the current scenario where almost 40 % of the population is living below poverty line, the steps need to be taken to help them survive and live their life to the fullest. This is the point where multiple charity organizations such as Al Khidmat, Edhi and Bilqees Sarwar Foundation are making living much easier for the less fortunate. To be exact, some of the names mentioned above provide, free scholarships, financial support and healthcare facilities to the less fortunate.

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Are These Solutions Making Any Difference

The vulnerable community is currently benefiting from various International NGOs in Pakistan in the form of free education, shelter and medical amenities. Many schools and colleges are educating a large number of students absolutely free of cost.  Similarly, a large portion of Punjab is currently occupied by free hospitals treating hundreds of patients on a daily basis. This is definitely a positive change for all those in need.


Who Is Benefiting the Most from These Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Charity organizations are working not only in Pakistan but around the globe to help the most in need community members and their families. The proximity of the healthcare centres and educational institutions is the principal problem leading all of the families from the rural areas of Punjab and other provinces to migrate to meretricious to avail the academic and healthcare opportunities. Nonprofit organizations are working for the betterment of the rural families by establishing small and large scale educational institutions and healthcare centres nearby villages and other rural areas where basic necessities of life are missing. This indicates that almost 35% of our nation’s population is being facilitated by a various nonprofit organization in Pakistan.

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What Kind of Challenges Do The NGOs Have To Face 

According to the statistics, over 9.4 million children across Pakistan are out of school. This in itself is a huge challenge for various welfare organizations in Pakistan trying to facilitate the uneducated people. Unfortunately, most of our NGOs have to limit the number of people from availing free health, education and financial facilities.


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