How Are International NGOs In Pakistan Reducing the Burden from the Government’s Shoulders

The government should be more than thankful to international NGOs in Pakistan that are providing the less fortunate with a variety of healthcare and educational opportunities that are not only facilitating the most in need, but also reducing most of the burden on the shoulders of the government.

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father taking his child

Is the Government Playing Its Part Effectively?

The government is currently swamped with other important matters and procedures such as improving infrastructure, financial aid and terrorism therefore, they are not that much inclined towards education. Healthcare sector on the other hand has shown many positive signs.

helping hands

Are International NGOs In Pakistan The Only Reliable Solution?

To be honest, Pakistan is currently in desperate need for spoon feeding. The underprivileged community is more than happy to be provided with financial aid, healthcare and educational facilities via a large number of charitable organizations.

kids reading at class room

How Are the Less Fortunate Benefiting the Most?

Besides from free scholarships, financial aid and educational amenities, the less fortunate are benefiting the most from healthcare amenities. More than 100 free hospitals and clinics are currently functioning actively across the nation.

underprivileged kids with books

How Is Lack of Education Effecting the Less Fortunate

Due to lack of education, the poor are getting poorer and the rich are reaching newer heights every day. In situations like these, the living standards are being badly affected making it difficult for lower class families to survive. International NGOs In Pakistan are trying their best to facilitate the less fortunate still a lot of work needs to be done.


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