2017 Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Pakistan


All nonprofit organizations in Pakistan have set their distinct agendas and ground rules according to which they facilitate their respective recipients. Some NGOs have divided their services among provinces and some make sure to facilitate certain target segments within a particular city. In a nutshell, many charitable organizations are working in a million different ways to provide the less fortunate with state of the art amenities making sure that the most vulnerable pupils are facilitated in the best possible way. A large number of less fortunate people are being facilitated by various charity based companies that are working regularly to provide the less fortunate with all the amenities they are deprived of.

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NGOs Also Providing Disaster Management Facilities

Many welfare organizations have been a true-life support for the government of Pakistan specially during disastrous situations. Multiple national and international NGOs have made it their responsibility to provide complete disaster management facilities such as food, shelter homes and medical aid. Such organizations usually provide their facilities to the less fortunate during situations such as floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms and terrorist attacks. Currently, many charity organizations such as Alkhidmat Foundation, Chhipa Welfare Association and Edhi Foundation are working alongside the government during such situations.

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The Healthcare Sector Is Not Being Neglected as Well

Out of all sectors specially across Punjab, healthcare has experienced the most developments. Nongovernment organizations such as Bilqees Sarwar Foundation are known for serving the ailing humanity by providing Punjab’s largest dialysis centre at its Bilqees Sarwar Hospital. Similarly, many other charity organizations are trying their level best by opening free and subsidized hospitals for the most in need. The people of Pakistan should be more than thankful to various hospitals for providing state of the art healthcare amenities to the less fortunate.

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Education Sector Supported by Nonprofit Organizations in Pakistan

Education is among the basic rights of every single human being therefore, many NGOs in Pakistan are making sure to provide the less fortunate with free or subsidized educational facilities via free schools and colleges. Illiteracy can lead to many bigger issues such as unemployment and poor living standards. In order to improve the aggregate percentage of education, charitable organizations have stepped in the education industry to provide greater opportunities to the most in need.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Also Among the Primary Concerns of Many   

 Some world class nonprofit organizations in Pakistan such as Aurat Foundation are focused on the agenda of women empowerment. Such welfare businesses train women regarding decision making, self-sufficiency, self-defense and the power and importance of education. NGOs play a significant role in developing countries such as Pakistan as a large number of less fortunate people are depending on them and benefiting from such organizations.



How Are International NGOs In Pakistan Reducing the Burden from the Government’s Shoulders

The government should be more than thankful to international NGOs in Pakistan that are providing the less fortunate with a variety of healthcare and educational opportunities that are not only facilitating the most in need, but also reducing most of the burden on the shoulders of the government.

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Is the Government Playing Its Part Effectively?

The government is currently swamped with other important matters and procedures such as improving infrastructure, financial aid and terrorism therefore, they are not that much inclined towards education. Healthcare sector on the other hand has shown many positive signs.

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Are International NGOs In Pakistan The Only Reliable Solution?

To be honest, Pakistan is currently in desperate need for spoon feeding. The underprivileged community is more than happy to be provided with financial aid, healthcare and educational facilities via a large number of charitable organizations.

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How Are the Less Fortunate Benefiting the Most?

Besides from free scholarships, financial aid and educational amenities, the less fortunate are benefiting the most from healthcare amenities. More than 100 free hospitals and clinics are currently functioning actively across the nation.

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How Is Lack of Education Effecting the Less Fortunate

Due to lack of education, the poor are getting poorer and the rich are reaching newer heights every day. In situations like these, the living standards are being badly affected making it difficult for lower class families to survive. International NGOs In Pakistan are trying their best to facilitate the less fortunate still a lot of work needs to be done.

Welfare organization in Pakistan – Helping the Less Fortunate Survive


Our vulnerable community is in great need for good welfare organizations in Pakistan that could help the less fortunate stand back on their feet allowing them to make the best of their available resources. Developing countries such as Pakistan, India, China and Afghanistan are striving for the quality education and standard healthcare solutions. A large number of charity organizations are currently trying their level best to make living easy and convenient for the underprivileged community.

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What Solutions Are Charity Workers Providing 

Looking at the current scenario where almost 40 % of the population is living below poverty line, the steps need to be taken to help them survive and live their life to the fullest. This is the point where multiple charity organizations such as Al Khidmat, Edhi and Bilqees Sarwar Foundation are making living much easier for the less fortunate. To be exact, some of the names mentioned above provide, free scholarships, financial support and healthcare facilities to the less fortunate.

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Are These Solutions Making Any Difference

The vulnerable community is currently benefiting from various International NGOs in Pakistan in the form of free education, shelter and medical amenities. Many schools and colleges are educating a large number of students absolutely free of cost.  Similarly, a large portion of Punjab is currently occupied by free hospitals treating hundreds of patients on a daily basis. This is definitely a positive change for all those in need.


Who Is Benefiting the Most from These Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Charity organizations are working not only in Pakistan but around the globe to help the most in need community members and their families. The proximity of the healthcare centres and educational institutions is the principal problem leading all of the families from the rural areas of Punjab and other provinces to migrate to meretricious to avail the academic and healthcare opportunities. Nonprofit organizations are working for the betterment of the rural families by establishing small and large scale educational institutions and healthcare centres nearby villages and other rural areas where basic necessities of life are missing. This indicates that almost 35% of our nation’s population is being facilitated by a various nonprofit organization in Pakistan.

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What Kind of Challenges Do The NGOs Have To Face 

According to the statistics, over 9.4 million children across Pakistan are out of school. This in itself is a huge challenge for various welfare organizations in Pakistan trying to facilitate the uneducated people. Unfortunately, most of our NGOs have to limit the number of people from availing free health, education and financial facilities.

4 Things to Consider While Setting Up a Nonprofit Organization

Lately, the trend of setting up a non-profit organization is showing a constructive sign. Many successful businessmen are leaning towards philanthropy and humanitarian work opening new doors to a better life for the underprivileged community. Out of all countries, Pakistan is currently under immense need of such charity work. Almost half of the country’s population is still deprived of many important necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. That is the reason why people feel the need to set up a charity organization for the less fortunate. Running a charity business can be tricky sometimes therefore, we need to consider a few things in detail before making this decision.

Following are a few areas that need to be kept into consideration before setting up a nonprofit organization so that the less fortunate could be accommodated accordingly.

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What Are Your Areas Of Specialties

 There are instances when you already own a well-established business of manufacturing food items. In this case, providing food or financial aid to the poor community seems to be the best option for you. This way, you are not only helping the less fortunate, but also keeping the flow of your products rotational. This could be a start. You can always build a free hospital or a free academic institute in the long run.

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Which Segments of People to Cover

 When you’ve finally decided to maintain a non-profit organization, you need to do a little recce before making things official. Whether you want to provide healthcare or free education in Pakistan, you should know exactly where do you want your services to be delivered. Whether it’s the rural areas of Baluchistan or the not so rural areas of Punjab, you must have complete knowledge and numbers regarding your target segments.

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How Nonprofit Organizations Plan to Aid

 Now that you’re fully aware of your services and target segments, you must start planning your means of transport, finance and methods of carrying goods. It is very important for you to know exactly how and where your products or services are being provided. This way, you won’t have to face any kind of future inconveniences.

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Do Your Services Have a Lasting Impact on The Society

You must know that all the services you’re providing such as free scholarships or financial donations should bring a change in the lives of the less fortunate. Your charity business is supposed to provide the affected pupils with long-term benefits, not temporary conveniences. Always try to think big whenever it comes to setting up a Ngo in Pakistan.

Developing countries such as Pakistan, India and Afghanistan are in great need for facilities such as free education, healthcare and financial aid therefore, it is very important for all new and already established nonprofit organization to step in and provide the underprivileged community with all sorts of facilities that they are deprived of. This will not only help the less fortunate, but will also allow the government to shift their focus on other important matters.

Non-Profit Organization in Pakistan

The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) is a registered foundation in Lahore, Pakistan, which aims to provide public health and education support to the local community. We are the charitable arm of NRS International, an industry leader in manufacturing and developing relief essentials for the humanitarian, development and public health sectors, and its manufacturing facility in Pakistan, H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons (HSNDS).